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Oppostion rattled by BNP recovery

Dear friend,

“BNP 'back on track' after bequests boost far-right warchest” was the headline from while the Times headline reported “BNP donation boost as former Tube worker leaves £200,000 in will”.

These were just two reactions from the media to the news that a series of bequests helped the British National Party's reported donations jump by 730% in 2012.

Statistics released by the Electoral Commission revealed the BNP received £265,987 in donations in 2012, compared to just £32,000 in 2011.

In black and white it confirmed what the Party has been saying for some time: our finances are under prudent, professional control and we have the reserves to fight a long war for electoral, social and political victory.

The figures reveal that Albert Stanmore left £200,000 to the party, received in two separate donations in 2012, while further bequests of £35,000 from Brian Mincherton and £28,736.97 from Edward Hart were also received.

As Treasurer of the BNP, I took the decision to promote legacies to the Party in publications, on our website and at private meetings with those who expressed interest.

This sensitive but vital work goes on quietly in the background all the time.

People who are disgusted at the attacks on our identity, the corruption of our political ‘elite’ and social injustice are determined to make a difference by giving the BNP the tools it needs to fight the long war ahead.

Those anti-British hopefuls who bleated that we were “finished” and “on the brink of bankruptcy” are now eating their words – and how bitter they must taste!

Needless to say, reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated!

The British National Party is here to stay and here to fight!

We stand strong because the problems we exist to solve still threaten our way of life. The reasons you joined us, attend events, vote and donate remain.

And make no mistake, those problems are getting worse. Never was a strong British National Party more needed than today!

Fighting back

We are fighting elections this May up and down the country.

It’s great that we have legacies and larger donations to bolster our activists and candidates but smaller donations matter too.

We depend on ordinary people to fund our Party, not big business or the Establishment Unions. That’s why we ask for small donations.

It’s why we get our members to sell items on E-bay and donate the proceeds. It’s why we have raffles and collections at our Branch meetings.

Our enemies attempt to make fun at our grassroots level of fundraising by claiming that it shows we are desperate for funds.

Well, as you can see that’s not true... and if we can encourage local branches to fund themselves while publicly engaging with their local community, that's a great result!

It shows that we engage in a variety of good old-fashioned (and some new) fundraising techniques.

We're proud to rely on ordinary folk to back us because we exist to represent, help and fight for them.

Anything you can give to help our candidates and activists fight the elections in May will be appreciated.

If you can afford a fiver or tenner, give that. If you can afford more give more. You can donate right now here online.

If you really can’t afford anything then give us your time instead. Help out your local Branch.

Remember, we rely on you to pass the ammunition (money) for our fight.

We have to fight elections against well-funded adversaries who don’t have the interests of our people and their continued welfare and identity at heart.

In fact, we are fighting elections against people who don’t care about or want to destroy our people.

Help us level the playing field by making your most generous donation. We rely on your support.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We stand strong because of you!

Clive Jefferson
BNP National Treasurer

P.S. If you are interested in mentioning the Party in your Will visit or call 0845 809 4581 or email

Albert Stanmore, Brian Mincherton and Edward Hart are British heroes. They will be honoured and remembered by the British National Party because they loved and cared about their country so much that they wanted it to live and thrive after they died. They're fighting on even now that they've gone.


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