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Dear friend,

Socialist bigots in Brussels move to deny voters the nationalist choice.
We need YOU to help fight for freedom

To save democracy, we have to destroy it!” This is now openly the position of the Left in the EU, who are set to launch a devastating attack on political freedom and the rights of voters this coming Tuesday.

Socialist MEPs are trying to ban their political opponents from even being allowed to stand candidates in future European Parliamentary elections. This is on top of their greedy totalitarian efforts to deny funding to pan-European Alliances set up to nationalists – a move which, if successful, would mean that the Socialist block would get even more money.

The Socialist Group (which includes all Britain’s Labour MEPs) made its move to deny voters the right to choose at a special meeting of the parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) last Thursday. They presented a series of totally undemocratic amendments to the Giannakou Report on the future of European-level political parties and foundations.

The leftists’ proposals would lead to parties that THEY believe don’t conform to THEIR values being banned from standing and from receiving a share of the EU funding pot for European level parties.

The proposed demolition of democracy was put forward at the last minute, in order to minimise the possibility of supporters of freedom and fairness organizing an effective lobbying campaign to push other members of AFCO to stand up to the leftist bullies and reject their Stalinist plot.
If these amendments are passed at the AFCO meeting this coming Tuesday, then they will go on to be put before the whole Parliament for approval later this spring. We are therefore just two voting sessions away from leftist bureaucrats in Brussels having the power to ban political parties they don’t like from contesting future elections.

One German Liberal MEP suggested during the debate that groups who wish to trim EU's powers should be allowed, whilst those representing the wishes of many millions of voters that the EU should be abolished should be banned!

They would even be able to prevent politically incorrect parties even being registered in future. Such ‘laws’ would give neo-Marxist bureaucrats sitting on a newly created Advisory Committee (“Four Wise Men”) literally the power of life and death over not just our Alliance of European National Movements, but over EVERY political grouping in Europe – not just present ones, but any that emerge in future as popular anger against the EU’s disastrous policies continues to grow.

So we have only until Tuesday morning to stop these monstrous proposals. That’s why we need you – right now – to take a few minutes to send a short, polite (remember that some of the MEPs on the Committee are as worried about the Socialists’ Stalinist proposals as we are) email to every single one of the AFCO Committee members.

It only needs to be a couple of lines. Or you can simply cut and paste the following:

Dear AFCO Member

I am writing to you to urge you to oppose any amendments that seek to discriminate against, or persecute on the grounds of political belief or organisation, during the Giannakou Report vote this coming Tuesday.

I further urge you to vote against the entire report, which is a self-serving piece of blatant political corruption. If it is passed, it would enrich its author’s own party while banning political opponents.

The proposals to deny voters across Europe the right to choose ‘politically incorrect’ and anti-federalist parties is a brutal attack on the very principles of democracy and equality before the law for which the EU claims to stand.

I call on you to defend democracy, protect the rights of electoral minorities and uphold the principle of equality before the law. I look forward to checking the voting records and video footage of the manual votes in due course and to seeing that these totalitarian amendments have been rejected by a large majority of which you are a part.

Thank you in advance for protecting democracy from Stalinist extremism.

Remember! Tuesday afternoon will be too late. We need you to send these emails right now. It would be even better if you could also send this entire Call to Arms on to all your own email and social network contacts and urge them to do the same. Thanks for joining the fight against Stalinist extremism and political corruption!

Emails to send to are as follows:
david. martin

Adam Walker
BNP National Organiser


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