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So this is how British democracy works? 

Dear friend,

Have you read in the press about the ban on Nick Griffin, MEP speaking in a debate at the Oxford Union?

Nick was originally invited to speak in opposition to the motion ‘This House Would be Glad to Have Gay Parents’.

Later Union officials claimed that the invitation was sent by a rogue member of Secretary’s Committee, now facing “disciplinary action”, without approval from “the President or any other senior member of the Union committee.”

A press release from the Union also stated: “The Oxford Union does not wish to be associated with the BNP in any way whatsoever. We strongly disagree with their views.”

Ian McKendrick, Secretary of Oxford UAF, said, “We were told that Nick Griffin had been invited, so we stepped up to the mark.

"We’re against any platform for fascists; it only incites people who support them to come out onto the streets, which is very dangerous.

"We’re not prepared to dick around, so we thought it would be better to err on the side of caution and have some kind of presence to challenge him.”

He claimed that if Griffin were to turn up, “We’ll try to physically prevent him from entering.”

This little story says a great deal about the state of democracy in our country.

It’s a story of cowardice, stupidity and intolerance. It shows why we need the British National Party to grow – why we need to build the British Resistance.


Nick Griffin is the most controversial politician of our time.

The British public have a huge appetite to hear his views (witness the millions who tuned in to see him on Question Time).

People know that he speaks from the heart and is not cowed by Political Correctness.

That’s why one official at the Oxford Union wanted him at the debate.

Having Nick there would guarantee a robust and genuine discussion where people heard alternative viewpoints.

Yet the other officials of the Oxford Union simply chickened out. Nick was a bit too alternative for them!

They were frightened of criticism by the establishment media and the PC brigade. That’s why they withdrew his invitation.


Oxford Union then went further. They issued a press statement saying they didn’t want to be associated with the BNP “in any way whatsoever”.

Implicit in this is the suggestion that by inviting a speaker to a debate you are giving them an endorsement.

That’s just plain stupid but it’s typical of the muddled thinking of many in our country.

The whole point of a debate is that you present different, alternative views to an audience.

The organisers of a debate aren’t saying they agree with one side or another.

The Oxford Union has made themselves look foolish by taking the stance that inviting a speaker to a debate “associates” them with their views.


Oxford Union withdrew the invitation.

The Red Fascists of UAF said they would try to prevent Nick from speaking or even attending the debate.

About 150 of the rabble turned up to chant outside in the cold even though Nick wasn’t there.

Chanting is what they are comfortable with; they can’t debate or put forward rational argument.

They are desperate to stop people from hearing the common sense views of Nick and the British National Party.

They don’t have any confidence they can win the argument and they don’t trust the people.

This anti-democratic behaviour is manifested in many different ways.

Last weekend in Scotland we saw a howling mob of Muslims and Red Fascists interrupting the minute silence at a memorial to a white man, William McKeeney, who was murdered last January by Asians.

Town Halls like Spennymoor still refuse to hire meeting rooms to the British National Party (even though our Council tax pays for their upkeep).

The British Resistance

Freedom of expression is a precious thing but it is always under threat. The only way we will keep our freedom is by fighting for it.

The British National Party is doing this every day. Our forebears fought wars to keep our country free from repression and intolerance and we are not about to throw their victory away.

We are not going to be the generation that surrenders to the new bully boys and censors.

This year we will challenge bans on using public halls legally.

We will announce exciting new initiatives to build on our own independent media.

We already have BNPTv, a popular website, newspapers, bulletins, leaflets and a regular internet radio show but there is much more to come.

Our voice will be heard! We will invest in educating a new generation of ideological activists and we will fight the Red Fascists on the streets and in our communities.

We shall never surrender.

Play your part. Stand with us and defend freedom.

Show that you have the same spirit as those who defied the Nazis and turned back their repressive tide.

The British National Party will never be silenced.

We love our people and our liberty more than we fear any opponent.

We will take on both the bureaucrats who try to undermine our rights and the red and alien mobs who try to block our path.

Join us today and become part of the British Resistance!

Clive Jefferson
BNP National Treasurer

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