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Ethnic cleansing in Rotherham 

Dear friend,

I want to share with you this shocking example of what has been taking place up and down the country for years.

The video speaks for itself, and nothing I can say will be anywhere near as powerful.

Watch the video here and share it with as many people as possible.


The brave lady featured on the video asked for help from the local authorities, and the only people who came to her aid were, of course, the British National Party.

Marlene Guest is a hard-working BNP activist.

Marlene is a modern day hero. It is this kind of grass roots work, supporting the innocent victims of mass immigration and enforced multi-culturalism on the streets of Rotherham, that contributed to Marlene winning an unprecedented third place in the Rotherham Parliamentary by-election last month. This was our best ever parliamentary by-election placing and, if it hadn't been for the Labour/Ukip adoption stunt, we may have done even better.

It is no longer an option to sit on the fence or to look the other way - action is needed NOW!

Fighting back is easier than you think, below are three ways you can take action right now:

1/ Join us on the frontline
Become a valued member of the British Resistance, click the link below or call us now on 0844 509 4581.

 2/ Fund the resistance
Provide the tools and resources our activists need by making your most generous donation today. Donate online here or call 0844 809 4581. Remember if lines are busy please call again, or use the donate button below.

It's your sustained support and your generous donations that allow our  activists like Marlene to help the victims of multi-culturalism and fight the race hate and discrimination directed against our community.

The video of Marlene was produced by BNPtv. They are a volunteer organisation, rushing to trouble hot spots all over the country and producing hard-hitting real life footage like this latest video. 

3/ Spread the BNP message of hope
Become a cyber activist for the British Resistance: make sure you always share these bulletins on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the icons at the very top right of this email and following the link.

Forward this email onto everyone in your address book, let's get this video going viral!

The fight back starts right here, right now! You know what to do.

Your partner in this winning team,

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

P.S. For the sake of our future, I am praying that you will renew your membership today – please don’t delay; time, and a secure future for our children, is a most precious thing. It's worth fighting for don't you think?


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