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An Easter message from Nick Griffin 

Looking out of my window first thing this Easter Sunday morning, I was amazed to see what appeared to be a hare.

It was sitting, stock still, in the garden near the drift of snow still virtually covering the raised vegetable bed I built a couple of years ago. 

It was only after a good half minute that I realised that the ‘hare’ was in fact the wooden corner of the raised bed.

A strange trick of the thaw had produced the illusion of a hare’s crouched body and long ears.

Strangest of all, of course, is that the hare was the original ‘Easter bunny’, sacred to our pre-Christian ancestors and a symbol of the return of Spring.

What a heritage we have!

Our folk have been here for literally thousands of years – this land made us, and we made it.

And for two thousand of those years our ancestors have lived and loved to the rhythm of a year of ancient beliefs overlaid and refined by a deeply-rooted traditional Christianity.

How good it is this Easter to see the former Archbishop of Canterbury standing up for Christian values and against the twisted, neo-Marxist secularism being pushed by the leader of the drastically misnamed ‘Conservative’ party.

For too long, the clergy have only intervened in politics to attack governments from a leftist perspective; it’s very refreshing to have a senior churchman speaking out in defence of traditional values such as marriage.

It’s a welcome sign of the times – a steady popular shift towards our position, values and stance.

We can see it most, of course, in the debate on immigration.

Where we led the way ten years ago, brave but lone voices in the wilderness, everyone now feels free to talk about it.

Of course, you and I know that when the likes of Milliband and Cameron say they’re concerned about immigration, they actually mean that they are concerned that public concerns about immigration are going to cost them votes!

We know that, whatever they say, they won’t actually do anything to stop the obliteration of our national, cutural and ethnic identity.

But the fact that the issue is now accepted as a legitimate topic for debate is a massive step forward. And it has only happened thanks to people like you.

It’s the activists and donors of the British National Party whose dedication and sacrifices have changed the climate in favour of freedom and frankness.

The fact that the crooks and conmen of the political class are talking about our issue doesn’t of course mean that they’ll do anything about it.

Indeed, we can be absolutely certain that they will not. But by accepting it is a topic for debate they are LEGITIMISING our message.

The British people now know that they no longer have to suffer in angry silence.

Furthermore, hopes and expectations are now being raised. It is when they are dashed that our time will come.

History is littered with tyrannies that fell not when they were at their most oppressive and confident, but when they lost their certainty, when they started trying to give ground and compromise, when they started to pretend to listen to the anger of the masses.

That is where we are today. It is a massive testament to our success so far that they are now all pretending to sing from our hymn sheet.

They will fail to deliver, that is certain. So our task at present is simply to stay in the field and by so doing to help to shift the debate even further in our direction.

They all now accept that immigration was a terrible mistake and a grave injustice.

So now we need to push on to the next logical position – since immigration was wrong, surely it must be right to take effective steps to undo that wrong, to reverse the tide?

Right now, you can help to move us on to this, the next stage in our long battle to save our land and our people.

You can either make up your mind to stand for us in the County Council elections (there are still a few more days before the close of nominations), or you can get in touch and volunteer to give a few hours of activity to help someone who is standing, or you can give the price of one or two large chocolate Easter eggs to our election fund.

One way or another, everyone can do something. On this day of all days, let us celebrate the triumph of Hope and Life.

Let us resolve, yet again, to redouble our efforts, secure in the knowledge that the greatness of this land and the courage and honour of her children are the stuff not just of history, but also of the future.

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

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