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What an achievement! 

Dear friend,

Pioneering... a great result!

Last night the British National Party achieved its first ever third position in a parliamentary by-election.

Not only did we beat both the government parties, achieving a total number of votes which surpassed theirs put together, but we beat the widely-predicted winner Respect in a heavily Islamised constituency.

Well aware of the strong BNP support in Rotherham, a worried Labour Party called a snap by-election two weeks before polling to thwart a full-on BNP election campaign in its bid to hang on to the parliamentary seat.

Had we been given three months instead of two weeks to mount our campaign (as has been the case in many previous by-elections) the BNP election machine would have steam-rolled into second place and we would have been pushing for our first ever seat in Westminster.

We are again on the road to winning major breakthroughs, but more than anything we need YOU to help.

If you aren't already a member, candidate or activist, join now for as little as £2.50 per month online here or by calling 0844 809 4581.

A strong message to the Establishment

Last night's results make one thing very clear:

Firstly, voters are tired of the rotten old Establishment parties and are out to punish them at the ballots.

Figures show that the total number of votes cast for candidates from political parties that do not hold seats in Westminster surpass those of the Establishment parties that do hold seats.

Secondly, the electorate turned first to the BNP, our vote is solid and the BNP brand and name is being talked of again with fear by the usual anti-British suspects.

As promised at our annual conference we are now getting BACK TO WINNING!

With the BNP polling more than the Tories and the LibDems together, the ConDem government is in disarray.

While the Tories only just scraped a return of their deposit, the LibDems did not.

In fact, the LibDems were completely DEVASTATED, achieving a pathetic result dubbed by experts as the 'worst ever by a major political party!'

Publicity hoax by Establishment safety-valve?

Having thrown vast sums of money at this election, millionaire-club UKIP achieved second place.

In what has become a trend, UKIP received (and are still receiving) huge publicity from the media.

In fact, it's been widely speculated by commentators that the story of UKIP supporters apparently being denied adoption rights in Rotherham was completely manufactured for publicity gains.

Whether or not there is any truth to this allegation remains unclear, but it was certainly a key factor in securing UKIP's second position.

Either way, it resulted in wall-to-wall media coverage of for UKIP ten days before, and right up to polling day, and whether Mr. Farage was involved in fabricating such a story, he didn't miss the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and garner the sympathy vote.

Let’s take UKIP on £ for £ then we will see who wins!

I guarantee you that the only difference between our vote and the UKIP vote is money, simple as that, these Tory millionaires are all in politics for their own personal interest to save their vast personal fortunes.

It’s time we fought these Tory toffs on a level playing field, and in doing so give the controlled media a bloody nose, but we can only do that with your help.

Your generous donations will stock our war chest enabling us to substantially raise our game in the next parliamentary by-election.

Donate online here or call now on 0844 809 4581.

Green with envy

Another big loser of the day was Muslim political party Respect.

In a highly Islamised constituency, Respect was widely predicted by commentators as a favourite to win.

Despite pouring in huge amounts of resources comprising of hundreds of Muslim activists, double-decker campaign buses, huge sums of money, and shamelessly courting the Muslim vote, obnoxious Mr. Galloway and pals, were held at bay by the BNP – an incredible accomplishment!

A fantastic effort from tireless campaigner and candidate Marlene Guest has produced an unprecedented result.

Well done Marlene, and well done to all those BNP activists who were able to help on the ground and to  those who donated so generously to such a worthy cause.

On and up from here!

Clive Jefferson
BNP National Treasurer

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